Quality Docks & Lifts… The Perfect Beginning & Ending to Any Water Outing

At Dale's Marine, with our variety of docks and marine lifts, we are able to enhance all areas of your on-the-water lifestyle.

Complete your watercraft rig by pairing it with a high-performance dock or lift. At Dale's Marine we are certified dealers for some of the most recognized names in the dock and lift industry – including Hewitt and Sea-Legs. Providing easy-of-use, versatility, durability and safety, both of these manufacturers have earned our respect and would be an excellent addition for any watercraft and/or lakeshore property.


Docks – Lifts – Pontoon Legs

Since 1971 boat and lakeshore owners throughout the U.S. have entrusted their watercraft investments in the quality and safety put-forth by Hewitt. At Dale's Marine we are proud to work with their products and to associate their name with ours. Not only backed with years of experience, Hewitt is a locally owned and operated company based right here in Minnesota – Nicollet, MN to be exact.

Hewitt Docks – Leisure, Recreation, Utility

Whatever brings you to the water's edge, you can count on Hewitt docks for safety and durability every step of the way. From their signature roll-a-docks and sectional systems to their floating docks and gangways, there's a Hewitt dock system ideally suited for the terrain and water characteristics of any property. Take a look at their growing lines of docks, gangways, ramps, and dock accessories…

Hewitt Lifts – Reliable, Convenient, Easy

Whether you own a fishing boat, pontoon, personal watercraft, or high-performance speed boat, Hewitt manufacturers a boat lift perfectly sized, equipped and priced for your needs. From vertical lifts to hydraulic lifts, a Hewitt lift just makes watercraft ownership easier.


"The Pontoon Lift That Goes Where You Go!"

Create your ideal waterfront environment… anywhere you want it to be. Set up camp at your dock, a lakeside restaurant, or out in-the-middle of the lake on a sandbar. This innovative technology, presented by Sea-Legs, is one of the world's leading portable hydraulic pontoon lifts. When parked dockside, your pontoon will not experience the rocking and dock banging that is often accompanied with traditional tie-off parking. When shore fishing or sandbar parking there'll be no drifting or anchor issues.

Sturdy, easy to operate, easily installed, and endorsed by major pontoon manufacturers, a Sea-Legs hydraulic pontoon lift just makes sense. Contact us at Dale's Marine to learn more about Sea-Legs for your pontoon. We are thrilled to be an authorized dealer and installer, drop us a line to get your Legs installed today.